The Road Home: A Light In The Darkness is the true story of an incredible visitation from God that began for Phyllis Leavitt in 1995 at the darkest time of her life. Although she had prayed for God’s help, she was totally unprepared when one day, God literally spoke. There was no question that a source of Divine Love and profound Wisdom came to her as she wrote in her journal.

She was taken on a startling and sometimes terrifying journey through past lives and way beyond that, to a new understanding of what all our souls are doing here in human form and where Soul wants to take us. Her personal story is one footprint on the long road we have all walked as human beings, a small opening into a vast inpouring of Light on The Road Home. 

The true story of an incredible visitation from God:  "There is a God. This is God, and this is how you know God." The same voice said, "Surrender totally. Surrender everything-- your pain, your practice, your children, your preconceptions of how things should be and what should happen. Surrender your life. Give it to God." Golden light shone down from a point inside the top of my head. ~Phyllis Leavitt
Many years ago I wrote a poem entitled "My God is this Empty Sheet 
of Paper." Writing has always been my path and my practice. I didn't go
 on any pilgrimages to the Far East or sit long hours in meditation, and 
though I tried many spiritual paths, I always came back to writing. I would
 just sit down with a pencil and paper and pray for a little light in the 

Writing was the elixir of my life. I wrote poetry and short stories, and
I also wrote and illustrated many children's books. Then in 1995, while
I was journaling my way through a very difficult time, my writing took a 
dramatic turn. 

Nothing could have prepared me for the Divine Voice that spoke to me as I wrote. Though I had worshipped for as long as I could remember at the feet of that great God "Writing", I could not have known that God and Soul would literally fill that empty sheet of paper and talk to me about what my soul was seeking within all the life experiences that I found so difficult.

Life is a Process of Discovery:

God spoke to me. Although I had prayed for God's help, I was totally unprepared to have that prayer answered. I believed in the God within, but I never actually thought I would find it. On that day, my personal journey unexpectedly became the doorway into another realm. Three months later this voice of God returned and wrote through my hand as I was writing in my journal. After that, all I had to do was ask a question and God and Soul would be there immediately with answers that blew open my "educated" East Coast mind and the limited pictures of "healing" I had hoped to achieve. "They" had something to say that went way beyond my personal trials and challenges. 

It was an unusual miracle. My Light not only lit up the Darkness I was living in, it wanted to tell me about it. It walked me through the very same landscape I had been clawing my way through in the dark AGAIN, but this time with the consciousness of my Soul as a loving guide. I had already done many years of therapy. I thought I had gone as far as I could go into the underworld of myself, but I was taken down once more while the Light was held steadily for me, even when I lost my faith, again and again.

God wanted me to understand the nature of what we call Darkness from its Divine point of view. Darkness was not considered an obstacle to Light or that which man has created in defiance of God. God did not judge the Darkness or anything it revealed as evil, stupid or sinful, any more than you would call the rock you stumbled over in the dark a sign of your unworthiness, failure or a fall from grace. Rather, I was very lovingly shown that the trials we face as we strive to answer our deepest callings are the exact raw materials needed for the Road Home to Oneness, that what we consider Darkness can be experienced as the doorway to Light. I was shown that the very pain we try so hard to deny, judge or "fix" is the FOOD we eat for the journey, that our greatest difficulties are exactly what we came here, AT OUR OWN SOUL'S BIDDING, to transform into Light.

I don't live in that darkness anymore but it's not because I'm special or more worthy or because I have "arrived." My journey, you will see, has been unbearably imperfect, achingly human, and still is. I am a student of what was shared with me, not a master in any way. And that may be one of the greatest blessings of all. The needs for perfection, self-denial, strict adherence to dogma or beliefs of any kind, are not requirements on the road I took. They are actually obstacles.

​"They" spoke volumes. I wrote down all the messages given to me from early 1995 to 1998 but eventually, overcome by tremendous self-doubt, I put it all away. Then one day in 2011, when my husband was in great pain from a surgery and questioning the whole experience of being in a body, I suddenly found myself talking to him about my writing, about the Soul purpose in all our experience, about "all pain being Soul calling us Home." My Soul was calling me Home through that experience with him. From there it was only a matter of time before I decided to write my book. 


Phyllis Leavitt lives with her husband in Santa Fe and Taos, NM. She has a Masters Degree in Psychology and has been in private practice for 25 years. 
A Profound Spiritual Message 
By TeleMama 
A profound spiritual message and contribution to the evolution of human beings. The author shares her life experience so honestly and the revolutionary spiritual opening that has helped her come to terms with the pain of being human along the way. The message is one we can all hear ourselves in, and reading it, I feel as though God is speaking directly to me. This Book has opened up my own ability to find love and compassion for the world around me in a lasting way. It is the place I return to when I feel lost or insecure and consistently brings me back into the most grounded loving part of myself. An amazing road map for anyone looking to see beyond the limits of ego and access to meaning way beyond any version of a God who passes judgement.

Hard to put this book down! 
By Richard Jenkins 
This book has shown me that I am not here by chance. I have learned that I am on a journey of return to Divine Oneness with the Creator. Everything in my life is a teacher for soul consciousness. My heart has opened to the joy and happiness that is mine if I walk my path in awareness and with a clear intention to be the best that I can be. I hope everyone has a chance to read this inspiring uplifting and loving book. The Light in the Darkness is The Road Home to Divine Love.

Life changing to say the least!
By Paul D. Rossano
This is one of those rare books that truly has the ability to transform your life! I plan on reading it over and over again for many years to come, and I have no doubt I'll pull profound new insights from it each and every time. This powerful book is overflowing with pearls of wisdom. If you're on a path of healing and self discovery (which in my humble opinion we ALL are), this is a must read!

By Isabella 
This book is a Gateway to God, access to the journey of our Souls and a portal to surrender, peace and TRUTH. I bow to the teachings of The Road Home and wish for all Beings to experience the magic held within its pages. Thank you, Phyllis Leavitt, for opening our hearts to Divine Love in such an exquisitely beautiful piece of work. You inspire me to live higher, to live deeper, to live more aligned with MY TRUTH. I will read this again and again.

An Authentic Journey
By Susanna Hatenboer
I could not put this book down - a rare occurrence. Phyllis' experiences are conveyed with intense immediacy and her guidance is an offering for anyone and everyone searching for meaning. This is an authentic journey, given to the reader with love and wisdom. This is an exquisite account of an awesome journey. 

For those of us interested in the evolution of consciousness, read this book.
By Gwen Augusten 
I hope Phyllis keeps writing and publishing because everyone who is reading her words will want to keep learning from her. Her writing is captivating, interesting and flows so easily. I love it and feel supported by this knowledge, by Phyllis and by the truths she explains so well. If you are interested in reading about universal truths, here they are. Buy this book.

Riveting and Impactful 
By Elena Furst
This book is both riveting and impactful. It changes the paradigm in which we interpret our lives. It certainly offers implicit guidance as to where psychotherapy must go. Whoever thought there was meaning to our lives beyond our families of origin? Whoever thought we've been working this "stuff" (different for each individual) for millennia? Whoever thought we were, no matter how miserable it can become, on The Road Home? Thank you, Phyllis, for offering this new paradigm.

I am inspired and full of gratitude.
By Judy Blaise
This is an exquisite account of an awesome journey. I am inspired and full of gratitude that Phyllis is sharing this! She is a writer whose prose reads like lyric poetry. Her "downloads" are timeless and pure wisdom and love.

October 21 Release 
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